Audrey J. Bryant, Esq.


Grand Isle State's Attorney

Warm wishes to my fellow Grand Isle County residents, neighbors and friends.  I seek your support in becoming the next Grand Isle County State's Attorney. 

I have lived in Grand Isle, Vermont with my husband and two children since 1997.  I have recently moved my entire law practice to Grand Isle in order to better serve our community.

I have been an active member of our community for 13 years.  I have served on the Grand Isle School Board, GISU Board, DRB and on the Board of Directors for CIDER.  I have given to the community by developing and running sports programs for the children and continue to do so.

Our county needs and deserves someone who is committed to the community, who lives in the community, and who is accessible to people on a day to day basis.  We need someone who is willing to work with local law enforcement officials to ensure that our community is safe.

I have dedicated myself to our beautiful Islands.  It would be a privilege to continue to serve you as Grand Isle State's Attorney.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at or at my office at 378-4300.